History of CN's Centre in Pokhara

CN settled into the new building on November 28th of 2003.

With the financial support of several donors and individuals, CN was able to lease land owned by a government school for 20 years (with the option to lease for another 20 years), establish the new centre and construct two classrooms for the school.

CN received a lot of financial and moral support throughout this process and also benefited from the visits of two professionals from the Netherlands Management Corporation Program. In June, Mr. Wim Stolte prepared a progress report on the construction of the centre and in November, Mr. John Costa completed an assessment report for Wild Geese, the primary donor for this project. The construction of the CN Centre would not have been possible without the financial support of the following:

Wild Geese, Netherlands - construction
Action for Children, UK - additional construction costs & furniture
Individuals - additional construction costs - Mr. Hellmut Bitterauf, USA - Dr. Hans Kaes, Germany - Mr. David Mannon, UK
German Nepalese Help Association (GNHA)- furniture and equipment for the conference hall
We are very happy with the new building and find the increased size from the former building quite beneficial for carrying out programs and daily activities. The Contact Centre consists of:


Conference Hall
Training Hall
Contact Centre
Skill training Centre
Healthcare Centre & Shelter
Director's Office
Finance & Administration Office
Staff Room
Suryamukhi Production Hall
Suryamukhi Office
Suryamukhi Showroom
CSHG Secretariat Room
Guest Room
Office Parking Place
6 Inside Bathrooms/Toilets
3 Outside Toilets
House Keeper's Building
House Keeper's Kitchen
Store Room