Suryamukhi Handicrafts of CHILDREN Nepal is a fair trade organization member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and member of Fair Trade Group (FTG), Nepal.

- We produce environmentally friendly products.

- All our producers are marginalized women. Through working with Suryamukhi Handicrafts their economic and social status is getting improved.

- We are providing employment to marginalized women to provide them with a fair income.

- All the information about the finances, management policies, business practices, product sources, production, marketing and future plans are available to everyone.

- We provide a safe working environment for all of our producers.

- We are providing high quality and fairly priced products.

By buying our Suryamukhi Handicrafts products, you are helping marginalized 'low caste' women to improve their standard of living and you are supporting poor children for their schooling and basic health through CHILDREN-Nepal.